Friday, 26 August 2011

If only we could read each others minds. Well, now we can.

A universal problem: Today you walked passed a potential friend, a great neighbour, a date to remember, an adventurous traveling companion... because you didn't know if the other person wanted to talk

Why does this problem exist?
There are a thousand social networks but none of them help you get over that final barrier of actually having a conversation. This is largely because you just don't know if the other person wants to talk. Fear of interrupting someone, misunderstanding their desire to talk or just rudely being told to go away puts us off.

Who is this a problem for?

The guy and the girl at the bar

The neighbours within an apartment block

The travelling company man stuck in the hotel with nothing to do on Friday night

The guy looking for a co-founder for his new startup

The backpacker at the airport

The fresher at university,

The new mum suddenly finding herself out of her work circle and instead shopping with baby

The simple solution: Double opt-in


You click hi and it stays hidden. Your hi's are only revealed if they match i.e. when you both click hi to each other. This way, you don't ever worry about what the other person thinks because they are thinking the same thing as you.

The guy and girl at the bar silently confirm that they want to talk to each other and two groups of friends become one for the night

The neighbours within an apartment block confirm they want to talk and start doing regular movie nights with local takeaway

The travelling company man stuck in the hotel with nothing to do on Friday night finds a fellow traveler to go see the city and have a memorable night

The guy looking for a co-founder for his new startup meets dozens and finds the perfect person with the right skill set to build a brilliant company

The backpacker at the airport finds someone to share the flight with and swap travel stories

The fresher finds more friends than he or she can buy a round for

New mums down the high street find fellow new mums to talk and share the experience with

Chat box

Of course, if the person is not in the exact same room as you, you'll want to chat on your desktop or phone, so a chat box opens up if you've both said hi, allowing you time to get to know each other.

But one thing is missing: The 'why'

You still need to know why the person wants to talk. It might be because they are single, they want to make new friends, they want to go party or they just want to chat.

The solution is another mind reading feature.

You choose tags and only tags that match are shown to the other person e.g. if you have both chosen 'I want to meet new people' then that is what you see in each others profiles.

Other examples are 'Happy to meet any of my neighbours', 'drink tequila together', 'I'm bored in this hotel, lets go out and party in the city tonight', 'spontaneous date' etc

Sign up and we'll send an email to kick off huge 'say hi' nights :) You don't have to give your exact location. You can check-in to a general area if you wish. All information is wiped each day to keep the site free of spammers and to keep your information private.

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