Sunday, 3 April 2011

The things that women should be able to do with complete ease

These things should be easy for women:

a. Find other women to travel with to destinations other friends are not interested in

b. Be part of a network of women in each city so they can enjoy a drink together any day of the week and without planning.

c. Network professionally with other women any day of the week

Why are they often difficult?

'Meeting people' are ugly words. They involve something formal, awkward, obligatory and unnatural and that stops it happening most of the time. This is not the way life should be.

How do we make it as easy as breathing?

1. No planning
2. It should be fun

First of all, don't try and meet people. Yes, don't try. Go out as you normally do but just go to the right places, full of a crowd that wants the same thing.

How does do it?

You choose, as a crowd, where you want to go later today.

Rather than doing one to one awkward meetings, just collectively go to the same venues and feel the buzz of an environment full of like-minded people.

The crowd can be 'women interested in travel', 'women entrepreneurs', any other group or a combination of the above. Go to the place as a crowd and it's up to you if you want to talk to others there but it will be easy and natural as everyone around you is interested in the same things.

It all happens in one day and without planning

The great thing is that you do it without it being a pre-planned event. You do it any day you feel like it. No planning of venues is required, no organiser is needed and it will feel like a normal way of going out but with all the right people.

You can even choose your own venue and the crowd will come to you.


If a person is shy but really does want to talk to others then they can use the 'hi' feature. This is how it works (as described in the context of singles but it applies to all groups and types of people):

The details of how it works

Learn fast by looking at the demos:

100 women interested in travel, networking, entrepreneurship etc. can choose to go to the same venues this evening and without having any organiser to plan it.

It works like this: The first person selects a place to go and any other women within 30km can see this choice. They themselves can also choose that venue or another one. Over the course of a few hours in the day, if they are interested, all 100 can have chosen the same 1 or 2 venues to go to.

Of course, there may be up to a 1000 people within 30km interested in this and so they can spread themselves around a number of bars across the city or even in bars down one street.

Before they even get there, they can chat online to the other people going and they can see which interests they have in common e.g. 'Interested in travelling to South America with other women' etc.

Worried about privacy? Don't show your picture, don't show anything!

They can't be tracked as all personal information is wiped each day and also, they don't need to use their name or a picture if they feel uncomfortable. team

Life is short, people matter and real conversations count.

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