Thursday, 17 March 2011

City wide spontaneous parties. Choose the atmosphere you want tonight.

We are about to see a new form of spontaneous party for like-minded people kicking off around the world. No organiser is required, no time or place needs to be set. By simply choosing who you want to party with and saying where you want to go, you can bring together like-minded people within a single day.

If only 100 of the 250,000 French expats in London wanted to fill a bar together today, they can do so within hours by organising themselves individually to gather together collectively. Each acts as a radar to the other.

Other groups you can imagine:
Students from every university mingling together across town
Australian, South africans, Brazilians
Dancers, Musicians
Flatmate seekers
Americans celebrating Independence day
.... or any group you can think of. Any website, blog, city, organisation, niche community can create it's own spontaneous gathering group and mobilise its users offline

How is this possible?
On, pick whatever group you want, say where you want to go later and it naturally brings like-minded people together in that venue through 'spontaneous planning'. See slide 2 on the user demo below which explains 'spontaneous planning'

What does this mean?
If you are a student, you don't want to go a bar full of suits in the holidays or in term time, you want to be in a place with a student atmosphere. With, via the many groups, you can choose the atmosphere that fits your mood tonight and which also happens to fit everyone else's mood. If you want to meet people there, you can chat to them online BEFORE you even get to the bar. Any place you plan to go with other students becomes a virtual chat room for the day where you can talk to the others going there. Walk into a place that already feels comfortable and where you already know each other. Finally, make sure you read about the special 'hi' function for the very shy :

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