Saturday, 5 February 2011

We need to switch on the real world extension to our websites

There are millions of websites, blogs and social networks that are online only and don't make it easy for users to simply be in a bar full of like-minded other users. Owners of these sites don't want to arrange an offline gathering as it is a difficult and time consuming activity.

On the other hand, being a user and trying to organise such a thing is equally difficult. The best option is to allow users to spontaneously plan their own gatherings within hours. For example, if only 50 Brazilian expats in the city wanted to fill a bar and create a Brazilian atmosphere, they could co-ordinate with each other to end up in the same venue using a 'Brazilian' group on LikeOurselves.

On a larger scale, if you owned Flickr with 85 million users, you could organise a world wide gathering in a single day by sending one email to users pointing them to the 'Flickr' group on People organising themselves is a powerful way to allow every website to easily bring users together offline.

The advantages of having users hanging out together offline are clear. Each blog comment, like, re-tweet, share or other interaction has more meaning if the people involved have met each other. It creates a stronger bond to the site and between users. A person is more likely to look out for another users comments and respond to them if they have had a real life conversation. In addition, users bring friends to these events who then become users themselves.

There is a free service which you can switch on for your site within seconds that lets users organise themselves in exactly the way described above. Watch the demo:

Sign up as a user and go to the 'groups and tags' page to create your own community group, then either tell users about it yourself or add your personalised widget to your site. The users and will do the rest.

You can also monetise it by creating tags related to your advertisers or better still, we'll do the work to bring in advertisers, build in their requirements and we will revenue share if you have the right volume. Contact the co-founders directly here: or if you have any questions.

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