Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Next beta

We'll announce the next beta test soon.

We want to complete the 'Create your own groups' function first as this allows you to have your own network for your own interests.

If you have your own event and want to use Likeourselves.com, then please go ahead. Ideally, notify us on the night so we can check our systems as it runs.

Meanwhile, if you have ideas on groups you'd like, please add them below in the comments. Can't think of anything?
Well imagine this: You can walk into a bar and you can know any common characteristic you have with another person there, what would it be? You can fill any bar with any type of person and get them to play any game you want. Who would they be, what would you do?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Thursday 12th August - 'anyone is welcome' Beta run!

We'll be running a beta test on this Thursday 12th August for likeourselves.com at around 7pm. The main test is in central London but if you are not in London then you are still welcome to give it a go and see if anyone from your own town is out and about using it!

For those without iphone/android (which the site runs best on) come and meet the co-founders in Slug and Lettuce on Wardour street. The rest of you are welcome there as well or you can spread out wherever you want. The more that check-in to one spot, the more that go there.

Thursday 12th August, 7.00pm onwards!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thursday 5th August 2010 beta test

Running a live beta test on Thursday evening from 7pm in central london.

August will be a month of rapid development, growth and hard work for the Likeourselves.com team. We'll be pushing out new features for creation of groups by registered users, we'll build up with tests to our full launch and we'll be eating lots of noodles.