Saturday, 11 December 2010

If at 2pm, you could chat online and meet people going to the same bar as you at 8pm, would you do it?

If, even before you get to the bar, you've already chatted online to people you want to meet later. Is this useful?

It sounds useful. This is what we are implementing now at We were initially a real time mobile app but now we are combining both desktop and mobile use.

A great story on how this would work:

Students have all gone home for the holidays. There are 100,000 students bored witless at home in London listening to their parents tell them that their filthy university habits are unacceptable under THE ROOF THAT THEY PROVIDE OVER THEIR COLLECTIVE HEADS.

How things are now. Sometimes good, often average.

Josh is one of those students. He's arranged to escape and go out tonight with a few friends. Where will they go? They try their luck, go to an old bar they knew and end up in a bar full of suits, have an average night, meet nobody and head home to boredom.

How it should be. Always great, sometimes awesome.

Josh and friends sign up to at home and search under the 'students' group for a bar which will have lots of students, from many different universities, going there later. They find 5 bars each of which has around 30 students and nearby each other. Josh and friends pick one of them and click 'here later'.

Josh sees the faces of people going there later and he sees which of the individuals like the same music, movies as he does. He chats to everyone going to that bar via a group chat box and tells them how amazing he is and how much he can drink. Well done Josh, you hero!

However, is this going to help him to comfortably meet individual people? Not necessarily. The thing that would make it even easier is to chat to individuals AFTER you've both confirmed you want to talk to each other, anonymously.

Yep, anonymously.

Imagine you both whispered to a third person (our software) which person you wanted to meet and that third person only told you both if you matched up, would this make it easier to meet people? Yep. Well, this is how the 'hi' button helps individuals meet - you can only chat to each other if you've selected each other. Group chat is open to all, individual chat is open to the 'hi's that match up.

So, Josh says 'hi' to Rachel after seeing that she likes the same movies as him . Rachel is not shown that Josh has said 'hi' to her but because she liked his awesomeness in the group chat, she selected him and now they've both been told. The individual chat box opens and Josh and Rachel talk about having a drink. When they do, Josh then shows how much he can drink and is later found hugging a toilet. We can get you talking but the rest is up to you.

You see how it works?

Who else will it work for? Examples are below:

Flatmate seekers. In the afternoon, find which bar will have lots of flatmate seekers in it later in the night, see which of them have the same budget as you, are non-smokers, like pets and want to live in the north west of the city. Say 'hi' to the ones you are interested in and chat to them online before you meet them in the bar later. Flatmate seekers heaven!

Backpackers in a hostel
Jump on the computers or your mobile using the hostel wifi, see who else is in the hostel now or later and chat to them all and chat to individuals. In fact, chat to people at other hostels nearby if no-one in this hostel is interesting. Or find other backpackers in nearby bars. Avoid the one where Josh is hugging a toilet and Rachel is waiting for him at the bar.

Before you get to the event, check in there and find out who you really want to meet

Airports and flights
Going travelling? Meet someone at the airport to book a flight together. How? Either find or create a group which includes your flight name in it. Once you have it, see who else is in the airport going on the same flight and chat to them all.

Spontaneous dates
Easy one. Go for a spontaneous movie date, event date or whatever tags you've both chosen. Find people interested, meet them at the bar, off you go. This is how normal dating works for millions, Likeourselves just gives you a different way to do it- faster!

We will release the 'here later' feature in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can use the 'here now' feature and see who will be around right now!

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  1. This makes me want here later now.

  2. You started so venue-centric (Foursquare like)with this service.
    I'm glad to see you are developing a people-centric approach.
    I'm looking forward to see how well you'll communicate this feature.

    Keep innovating!