Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Next beta

We'll announce the next beta test soon.

We want to complete the 'Create your own groups' function first as this allows you to have your own network for your own interests.

If you have your own event and want to use Likeourselves.com, then please go ahead. Ideally, notify us on the night so we can check our systems as it runs.

Meanwhile, if you have ideas on groups you'd like, please add them below in the comments. Can't think of anything?
Well imagine this: You can walk into a bar and you can know any common characteristic you have with another person there, what would it be? You can fill any bar with any type of person and get them to play any game you want. Who would they be, what would you do?


  1. Would be good to be able to search for a group or event, rather than having to scroll through pages of sometimes not particularly relevant ones.

    And being social, wouldn't it also be good if people could add their own tags to the ones that are already there?

  2. hi, yes we pretty much add functionality as we go and search is coming up soon. Allowing people to add their own tags to an existing group is part of the original plan but we have other features to release first including 'creating your own group with tags'