Tuesday, 4 May 2010

team expanded

our core full time team is now 5 people... shocking change in some ways but it gives new energy and hope. There is also an intern working at least half the week and the co-founder is now firing along also with his speciality :)

Now the work will double for me as with a larger team, rather than there being less work to do, there is more energy and so more work to focus with. I like it.

The only thing at the moment is that favourite subject of all people in England... "The Weather". I'm sitting here and its cold! not just slightly cool... its damn well cold! Its 5th May ffs. Its also cloudy/rainy. I think I'll crack up if we have another bad summer. I need sunshine. Vitamin D. Our website needs good weather so people go outside too (actually it will work either way but in summer more people will be outside)

Anyway, its sleep time. I'm hurting all over from yesterday after doing British Military Fitness 1 hour session that ex/current army guys run in parks in London and round the country. 1 hour of hard training without a break. Clears the mind. The gym did not really help prepare me much for that... gym does not come close.

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