Monday, 12 April 2010

ancient history

ever go back and look over old projects?

I just found this vba app i built in excel around 6/7 years ago? maybe longer. I just can't believe I wrote that. Not because it was good... the code was really bad... i feel sorry for the poor muppet who came after to make edits to that beast. However, it is strange that I wrote those lines. I left some 'funnies' in the comments which the next person viewing it... will not find funny at all.

It worked in every way. They could have called in a software design company, paid $250,000 and come out with a system no-one wanted. The one I built.. they still use. They might bitch and moan and scream at me from afar but they use it. They might tear their hair out and curse the day I was born but they still use it. They might have sent ninja assassins to come and kill me but that won't stop them using that piece of crap i wrote.. because it works.

It may have been the single ugliest thing on earth since medusa decided to indulge in a self-portrait but that won't stop those suckers having to look at it.

That was a project involving 'analysis, design, implementation and testing'... classic waterfall. Agile development? pfft... lazy bastards who wanna wing it (this may be slightly untrue)

Come to think of it... this current project is a bit 'waterfall'. There was definitely an analysis period. Mainly analysis of industry, competition, technical options and qualifying what users wanted by talking to them. There there was design - wireframes, research existing code snippets prior to taking on a developer. Now we are in implementation... and ongoing testing.

There is currently great teamwork happening across 3 countries using dropbox, email and google wave. There is a good strong vibe there.. in fact there has been one in this project for a while... even though the work has been intense at times. I guess its good because there has been distinct progress and the foundations of the project are good too. To keep it good on my side... I have to do a chunk of work tonight and tomorrow. Personally, I only feel bad if i'm not productive. Or if I spend too long writing blog posts. This is therapeutic though.

Next Monday we have a new team member to help with marketing. Its all kicking off.

A final thought. I'm still not sure what this blog is about. Its not a company blog, its a personal blog about startups. If we get somewhere I hope the story is useful... especially to people considering doing startups. I'm wondering whether we should just use this as the company blog anyway. I'd ask for feedback but as the readership of this blog is less than the fingers I have on one hand (where a thumb does not count as a finger) and I might still be exaggerating the numbers there... I'm not going to get many opinions.

(really annoying that when I write 'startups' it gets underlined in red compared to 'start-ups' eeeeeejuts)

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